Remote Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring System is a bi-directional system, designed to remotely diagnose and monitor the operational status of the UPS. Through the provision of an early warning system for any alarm condition or out-of-tolerance status, it provides an effective and proactive approach to the maintenance of your critical power system, giving complete security and peace of mind.

Benefits of using Remote Monitoring System

Pre Maintenance

Remote Monitoring System engineers can view all events that have occurred over the lifetime of a UPS system. This provides a detailed account of the causes of each condition, combined with an analysis of the exact sequence of alarm conditions. This in turn allows Remote Monitoring System engineers to track long-term performance trends and identify potential future problem areas.

Remote Monitoring System provides an early warning of more than 150 separate parameters, allowing real-time diagnosis and a swift identification and resolution of all possible operating anomalies. The local watch station is permanently manned which results in timely corrective actions being made and can extend the service life of the equipment.

Superior asset management

Through data collection and analysis, Remote Monitoring System is detailed reporting system provides valuable information on power and equipment trends. Over extended periods this data can be used to identify potential problems, eliminate any weak links and plan for future expansion.

Immediate Identification of problems

Should an emergency condition arise, an expert Remote Monitoring System engineer can analysis to determine what follow up action is required immediately.

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